Turn and Face the Strange

Getting too comfortable with the life we live is all too easy. We fall into routines and time passes quicker than we are used to. We start to realize life is completely up to us, how to use our time, what thoughts fill our brains, how we treat others, who we decide to surround ourselves with, the list goes on. This all seems obvious but up until recently, I feel like I was just floating through, taking what came my way and was easy to reach.

This past year has come and gone. Sure, I’ve done a lot, (mostly climbed a bunch of mountains and frolicked in the wilderness) but with all these highs I was bound to hit some lows. These lows are now what are waking me up, making me realize I can live a more intentional life.

This next year I want to make some changes. I want to put myself in situations where I am uncomfortable so I can really grow. I want to stop worrying if I’m on the right path and start creating it instead. No matter the twists and turns and detours, getting lost is half the fun right?

Also, I need to remember there is no “right” way to live, although society sure does a good job convincing me otherwise. Everyone has the right to create their ideal world. For me, that means screw all expectations, use my morals as a compass and run with it.

I need a little bit of guidelines though. So, in this next year, I want to expand my photography business. I want to buy a house and make it a comfortable, welcoming home. I want to be around those who inspire me and I also want to make time to be alone. I want to stay healthy and motivated. I want to keep exploring and seeing new places. I want to maintain this chaotic and sometimes kooky brain of mine. I want to maximize the highs and embrace the lows. I want to trust what is, instead of filling my head with worries and doubts. I want to push aside the questionable thoughts, the “what am I doings”, the curveballs and tell myself it is what it is and I am going to make the most of it ALL!

This life is meant to be enjoyed as fully as possible and I intend on doing just so.